Missing that “WOW” shot that shows the true scale of your project, home, event, or business? Looking for that one perfect sequence that just never gets old?

If your committed to driving actual results it may be time for some aerial perspective, a bird’s eye 360, or a unique first-person view (FPV) that only a high-speed drone can capture. Our team of experienced drone pilots and editors will captor your story in Epic proportions and meet quick deadlines. Our drone footage never gets old.

What is FPV Drone footage?

FPV stands for first person view, you may already know that. But, with a drone, we can take this to a whole new level. Take the shot bellow for example. It may look like a maneuver like this could be accomplished by a long boom arm attached to a follow vehicle, but actually its shot by a high-speed drone controlled by a drone pilot sitting in the follow vehicle. An FPV shot allows the viewer to get up close and personal with a moving object, follow it through impossible spaces and take the viewer on a journey to mind-bending heights.

Automotive FPV Drone Footage

Product FPV  drone footage

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